Protective Cabinet Mat 36″ Kitchen – Builder Series


Protective Cabinet Mat – for 36″ kitchen cabinets – Builder Serview

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Cabi-Shield is custom crafted to fit precisely below kitchen and bathroom sinks to shield cabinet bases from the damaging effects of water, mold, mildew, and rot. The sloped design and front holding area buys you time to discover a slow leak before it begins ruining your cabinet. Cabi-Shield’s patented ribs keep your under sink supplies high and dry. No more soggy box bottoms or damage from spills of cleaning supplies. Leaks can easily be soaked-up and spills can be wiped up with a sponge. Cabi-Shield is also designed to be easily removed from under your cabinet when deep cleaning of the mat is desired. Cabi-Shield is cabinet protection that you can trust!


  • Shield your cabinets from the damaging effects of moisture, mold, & messes!
  • Cabi-Shield’s patented rib design keeps under sink supplies high and dry.
  • Builder Series mats can support 150 lbs of under sink supplies.
  • 1-degree slope from back to front of the mat creates a holding capacity of 1 gallon – this buys you time to identify a leak before it starts ruining your cabinet!


Additional information

Weight 4.8 lbs
Dimensions 34.25 x 22.5 x .56 in


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